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Q: Where do the Outlaws play?

    The Oakmont Outlaws home field is TRW in Westminster, located near Monty Tech.  We are a travel league and play games in surrounding towns like Littleton, Leominster, Northboro, Bolton, etc.


Q: Where do the Outlaws practice?

      The Outlaws also practice at our home field TRW, but occasionally we may hold practices at other locations due to field conditions.  In the past we've used Landry Field in Ashburnham, the Oakmont HS field, and even the turf at the Lancaster facility off Route 2.  Every effort is made to provide a safe training ground for our players, while maintaining the playable condition of our only home field.


Q: When are practices?

      Practice schedules are determined by the team coaches, and are often one or two nights a week.  Coaches do try to choose times that mimic other teams in that age grouping so they have scrimmage opportunities.


 Practice Policy

Q:  What if my child has other activities and won't be able to make it to all the practices?

A.  The Outlaws believe that attendance at practice is a vital part of player development.  Outlaws also recognize that its players appropriately play other sports and enjoy other activities beyond soccer. Conflicts with soccer practice may arise, and the Outlaws are committed to working with players to enable them to enjoy multiple sports/activities.   We do however expect players to try to attend as many practices as possible if they wish to play for the Oakmont Outlaws Youth Soccer team.  Without this commitment, players miss an integral part of the Soccer development experience.  They also make it more difficult for their coach to plan practice drills and for their teammates to enjoy productive practices.  We ask that you keep an open line of communication with your child's coach so that he/she knows when your child will not be able to attend practice so that he/she can plan accordingly.


Q: Who is eligible?

     Players who meet the age requirements and who live in Ashburnham and Westminster MA.


Q: What is the cost of the program?

     The Outlaws organization strives to keep costs at a minimum and consistant. However, we need to charge a fee to cover certain expenses such as field maintenance and league fees(to name just a few). We are responsible for all upkeep on our home field and parking area.


 Q: Are there any additional fees throughout the year?

     If your child requires a uniform, then yes. We provide quality uniforms practically at cost.  Also, some coaches may choose to have their team participate in non-league recreational tournaments held in our area; the team registration fees vary, but once divided evenly among the players- are very reasonable. Player participation in these tourneys are not mandatory.


 Team Placement

Q.  I registered before the deadline so my child is guaranteed a spot on a team, right?

A.  Wrong.  The Outlaws make every effort get all registered players onto teams however, final team submission dates and maximum roster sizes are dictated by the league.  If we have too few players to field a team at a particular age level or if we have more players registered than we can roster per league rules we cannot guarantee placement.  So registering early gives your child the best chance for a spot on a team!

Q.  If my child doesn't get a spot on a  team will I get a refund?

A.  Yes.  If the Outlaws are unable to place your child on a team we will try to find a spot on a team in a town nearby.  If you choose not to play on an out-of-town team you will receive a full refund of your registration fee.


 Injury during game

Q: What should I do if my child is injured in play?

A. Coaches are responsible for the players on the field.  It is their duty to assess the situation of an injured player, and determine if the player should be moved to the player side of the field. [For serious injuries, the player should remain in place and 911 called.]  Referees are responsible to stop the game when an injury has occurred.  As a parent, you should remain on the sideline.  When your player is moved to the player sideline, you should walk around the field, not across the field, to assess the injury and comfort the player.  

Q.  Where can I find information about concussions in youth sports?

A.  Check the CDC's Heads Up Concussions in Youth Sports Training here:


 Player Equipment - Uniforms, Footwear, Jewelry, Eye Glasses, Mouthguards, etc.

Q:  What equipment do I need for my child?

A.  Shin guards are mandatory and cleats are optional but encouraged...if you buy cleats, make sure they are soccer cleats (not baseball/softball).  Soccer socks (worn over the shin guards) and a uniform will be provided by the Outlaws players.    The coach will also have access to soccer balls and training equipment.

Q. On game day, can my child play out of uniform?

A. A player can not play without shin pads.  All players, except goalies, need to be in team colors, with a numbered shirt.  The shirt number must be the one assigned to them- players cannot borrow a siblings jersey for game day.

Q. What is the Policy on types of footwear for players?

A. The only permitted types of footwear are soccer cleats, running shoes, or sneakers.  Cleats from other sports are NOT permitted -- most importantly baseball cleats which tend to have a toe cleat of metal or other material that can cause serious injury to other players. This applies to both practice sessions and game day.  Referees on game day will inspect every player for proper uniform, proper footwear, proper shin pads, and removal of all jewelry and metal hair accessories.

Q. What is the policy on jewelry?, mouthguards?, eyeglasses?, hair accessories? 

A. No jewelry - period!  No watches, rings, necklaces, earings, body piercings.  Make the situation problem free for the coach and referee - collect the jewelry from your player before a game.  Necklaces tucked under the shirt will be removed.  Ears being taped over new piercings are not permitted and players will not be allow to play with them.  Mouthguards are not required, even if the player has braces, but are strongly recommended.  Eyeglasses are permitted: with any type of frame - plastic, metal, composite.  Give consideration to soft contact lenses (1 day disposables), special prescription goggles, or goggles that go over regular eyeglasses.  Only soft hair accessories are permitted - elastics, cloth, and plastic are permitted.  No metal, no hair pins, no large plastic hair clips.  All of these recommendations are for your players safety and the safety of the other players.


 Casts or Splints

Q. My child is in a cast or splint - can he/she still play if I wrap it in bubblewrap? 

A. Hard casts or splints are not permitted, even if wrapped in a towel or an ace bandage. The following items are permitted: knee braces, finger splints, leather wrist/ankle supports.


 Q:  How can I volunteer to help the organization?

    1) If you would like to coach a team, or perhaps simply help as an assistant- please let a member of the Board know and we can get you best matched and prepared.  Our coaches are required to complete a CORI check, so it is imperative you let us know as soon as you can.


    2) The Board is always looking for candidates to fill various roles and responsibilites. As a pure volunteer organization- we strive to make it as rewarding and challenging as possible.