Currently, the Outlaws organization fields teams in both the spring and fall seasons and also conduct winter training sessions.  In addition, teams may also participate in area tournaments.

During the season, teams tend to conduct (2) practices per weeknight and games are on the weekend. Practice schedules are set by the coaches; game schedules are set by the NVYSL.

To help new parents and players, we've outlined the typical season activities on the chart below.

You can also visit our FAQs page for answers to common questions.

Registrations are due by certain dates as required by the NVYSL. As an organization, we are required to submit rosters in January for the spring season and in July for the fall season.


Winter Training may start in January due to location availability and participation is not mandatory. Although, players MUST attend the evaluation dates during that time.


The Parents: To set and enforce reasonable standards of eligibility regarding academics and conduct. To get the players to practices and games on time. To support the coaches and referees. To emphasize the values of sportsmanship and fair play. To support the Outlaws via fundraising activities and/or committee participation.

We encourage you to also read the information on the "Players" page as well.

Expectations of our Parents

  • Keep comments positive
  • Applaud good play
  • Encourage the players of both teams
  • Do not yell advice to the players, including your own child
  • Never yell at a referee
  • Be ready to volunteer to help when called on
  • Be good ambassadors for the towns of Ashburnham and Westminster, and specifically the Outlaws Organization

Spectators must view the game from the opposite side of the field from the coaches and players. 

Our home field at TRW is a NO DOGS ALLOWED location.


NVYSL has adopted a "Zero Tolerance" policy. Coaches and parents are not to communicate with the referee during a game except for matters relating to safety. The Outlaws will always consider and act toward the referees as Honored Guests. Under no circumstances will unsportsmanlike behavior by players, coaches, or spectators be tolerated by the Outlaws toward the referees or opponents. All disputes will be written down and submitted to the Director of Referees. Confrontation with or abuse of a referee will at least earn a player or coach an ejection without warning from the match (red card for players). Coaches will be ejected without warning from games for unsportsmanlike behavior from spectators or coaches. Any ejection of a player or coach will also result in their suspension from play in the next match as well. Two ejections in a season will result in a suspension from the league for the season. The Outlaws support this policy 100% and will enforce it. Any ejection will be reviewed by the Board. Depending on the circumstances, the Board may choose to immediately suspend the player or coach for the remainder of the season. In summary, "Outlaws" is our club name, not our behavior. Outlaws will at all times exhibit the highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play or they will not be Outlaws for long.


 Get familiar with the Health and Safety information on our website, to ensure your players are safe and at their best.



Parents interested in coaching/volunteering

Please contact a member of the Board to express interest and complete the process.

This is a great way to foster your love for the game of soccer, and to spend quality time with your child. Teams often have a coach and one or two assistants, so there is a support system built in.