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General accomplishments through the years:


The Spring G78A team won the NCup final 1-0 and qualified for the MTOC tournament.  Finished the tournament 1-0-2, but was 1 point shy of qualifying for the semi-finals!  A fantastic season by a great bunch of girls!


The Spring BU19 boys team had a great MTOC run.  Lost in the Semi's to Brockton by PK's. Brockton went on to win in the finals 5 to 2.  They also won the MTOC "sportsmanship" award.


The U14 girls just completed a fantastic first session of indoor soccer, by winning the playoffs at the Hampshire Dome in Milford, Friday night Jan. 3rd..

They started the season slow, but worked hard and built steadily, playing against very good club teams. By session end they fought their way to rank #2 overall in league play. They won the semi 1-0 versus the #3 ranked house team, Milford FC. Then won the final 3-1 versus the #1 ranked Chaos FC. The games we're action packed and thrilling to see, the girls playing truly excellent soccer and giving 100% effort.

They are totally deserving of the champions title, I could not be prouder of their achievement!(coach Hanmore)

The roster;

Coach -         Steve Hanmore
Asst Coach - Kevin Madden


Rosie Hanmore
Alyssa Madden
Lauren D'Attilio
Anna Rembetsy-Brown
Tori Colautti
Leona Rameau
Olivia Renda
Abby Tata
Nicki Sullivan
Amanda Thompson
Gillian Dumas
Jillian Stone
Sophie Breau



Congratulations to the BU14A 2011 Spring team for qualifying for the MTOC tournament.

Game 1 - Beat Ipswitch 1 - 0

Game 2 - Lost to Framingham (evenual State Champs) 3 - 0

Game 3 - Beat Agawam 1 - 0

Missed semifinals by goal differenial




Spring GU14 A  MTOC

The Oakmont Outlaws GU12 team earned the 2010 Nashoba Cup in Pepperell this past weekend by outperforming and outhustling a very strong field of 8 teams.  Each of the 8 teams in the Nashoba Cup tournament had qualified for the tournament by way of having a good record during the regular season, so there were no weak teams in the bunch.  Oakmont’s regular season record, for example, was 4 wins, 1 loss, and 3 ties.

The format of the tournament was similar to the World Cup format in that there were 2 groups of 4 teams.  Each group of 4 teams played a round-robin tournament on Saturday and the first place team in each group advanced to the final game on Sunday.

If you recall, the weather  was pretty brutal with highs in the mid to upper 80s both days.  All credit goes to every girl who played in the tournament.  We parents on the sidelines were roasting while we sat there and couldn’t imagine what it was like to be running for the duration of 3 games on Saturday and 1 on Sunday!




Spring 09' NCUP Qualifies:  BU12, GU12, and GU14



Congratulations to the Outlaws 2008 BU12 for being the runner-ups 

at the Columbus Weekend Soccer Celebration