CLICK HERE, and on the Sports Manager page- click "registration" on the left column.

All players must have registered online and payment made or the player will not be allowed to participate.

Registration must be completed by the announced deadline.  We are required by the league to submit our number of teams along with our league payment by certain dates or pay a fine.  Based on registation data, we determine how many teams there will be at each level.  Late registrations could result in fewer teams and increase the chances that cuts will be needed. The league sets mandatory max roster sizes.

If there is financial hardship, please have the parents contact a board member or coach.



(2) evaluation times for player placement will be announced as each season approaches. .

ALL players will be required to attend in order to be properly evaluated for placement on a team.

 registration for the upcoming season does not guarantee a spot on a team, nor does any invitation to tryouts. All registered players are evaluated by multiple Oakmont Outlaws coaches and are selected for a team based on certain criteria.   Every attempt is made to place the player on a roster, however due to league mandated roster sizes, cuts may be neccessary.  Having played a prior season gives priority, but also does not guarantee a spot.

If a player is not able to be placed on a team(or voluntarily withdraws) before the start of the season(first game)- a full refund will be issued.  Once the season starts, only partial refund will be given at the Board's discretion.



Players will not be placed on a team if payment has not been completed.